January 24, 2019


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Finolhu bubble tent
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A few weeks ago I was the first time in my life on the maldives and I can tell you... it was such a breathtaking experience and it is for sure on of the most beautiful places on planet earth! We made kinda island hopping and the second stop was the so called Finolhu Resort, which considers itself as the grooviest island in the maldives. And I can totally concur with that! The style of the island and the resort would be best described with "chic retro luxury". You can choose from several different room categories to stay (either overwater or on the island). The first two nights of our stay we slept in the Beach Villa, which is located right on the beach and surrounded by tropical gardens. You even have an outdoor rainforest shower, and the bathroom is half inside and half outside. I totally loved the feeling of taking a shower under the stars... So unique! But talking about unique... the actual unique experience we were able to discover was our moving to the so called Beach Bubble tent. It is the first one in the maldives by the way! The tent is located on a private sandbank, 5 min by boat from the main island of Finolhu. It was such a breathtaking experience to sleep right under the stars in your own little bubble tent, I will for sure never forget this! The tent offers all amenities you need, like air con, shower & toilet, you have drinks there, a phonograph and even a Telescopium to watch the stars. After we arrived on the sandbank and made ourselves comfortable, our butler started to prepare a tasty BBQ right on the beach for us (This is also included in the package when you book the bubble tent experience...) In the morning your butler will wake you up right before sunset and you will be able to enjoy breakfast right by the beach while watching the beautiful sunrise. It was such a breathtaking exprience, and it would strongly recommend this while you are on Finolhu, especially for coupples, because it is unbelievable romantic... If you want to book a night in the bubble you will find more information here. But of course the bubble tent is not the only advantage to come to the island, what I really loved there as well was the tasty food of course! There are plenty of restaurants where you can choose from, for example the Baahaa Grill: It's north african cuisine (mainly grilled meat, Tajine, Mezze plates aso...) and the restaurant is loacted directly on the beach. Another tasty place you can eat at is Kanusan - which was my favorite by the way. The award winning restaurant ("Best asain fusion restaurant in the indian ocean") offers a panoramic view above the sea and delicious asian kitchen. But of course there are plenty of other choices to go if you don't like asian or african food, for example the Baa Baa Beach Diner (with live cooking station) or the Fish & Crab Shack, which offers laid-back dining on a sandbank. But don't worry, it's not only about swimming, taking sun baths and eating on Finolhu, there's so much more you can do and experience here! There are plenty of activities, like diving or snorkling, boat charter, tennis, you have a Spa, a fitness center (indoor and outdoor) and even a fancy boutique where you can go shopping if you want to spoil yourself with new garments or accessories. If you're more a party kinda person Finolhu offers something for you as well of course. You can grab yourself some drinks in the world famours 1 OAK Beach Club, and enjoy the perfomances which take place every night. There are also weekly pool parties and monthly full moon sandbank events! If you would ask me what I enjoyed the most about my stay on Finolhu, it is hard to nail it down on one specific thing, but I would say that the beach and the water are extremely outstanding, you feel like in heaven while you're swimming there, the water looks literally like photoshopped. It's simply a dream! By the way, the best time to visit the maldives is from November - April, Finolhu is reachable very easy by seaplane from the main island Male, it takes only 30 min. I enjoyed my stay there so much, everyone was so friendly and the whole staff was so attentive and endearing!  After our stay at Finolhu we made it to their sister property "Amilla Fushi"... I will tell you next week more about this place in a new travel review.... Stay tuned :)


  1. Wooow, das sieht absolut traumhaft aus! Auf die Malediven zu fliegen, wäre auch mal mein absoluter Traum <3
    Liebe Grüße,
    Leonie Rahn von http://eyeofthelion.de

  2. Was für unglaubliche Bilder und atemberaubendes Resort. Ein absoluter Traum. Vorallem das Schlafzimmer in der Seifenblase! WOW! Ich vermute, du hattest dort die Zeit deines Lebens! LG, Marie



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