April 30, 2020



Due to the fact that we all have to spend so much time in our homes at the moment, I decided to do some interior shopping and purchase a few new items for my flat... I do not have a favorite shop where to buy interior, I actually love to find new retailers and brands but of course I do have 2-3 webshops which I really like and check them regularly for new trends and looks. One of them is Westwingnow, they do have such a nice range of stylish items and also fair prices, so I ordered some new stuff there which I wanna show you here in this blog post. Many items I bought (or similar ones) are linked below so you can shop them as well if you want... :) I didn't change a lot in my flat, but in many cases you can also achive a great result by only buying a few decorative things like vases, a side chair, a new rug aso. and you will gain a complete new feeling in your home just by adding these few items... Personally I am a big fan of scented candles, not only because they are very dacorative but of course also because they will give every room a warm and cozy atmosphere when lit in the evening/night! When it comes to my favorite interior trends at the moment, I have to say that I am absolutely addicted to dried flowers at the moment! I saw this trend on many lifestyle blogs and also Instagram accounts within the last weeks and I also wanted to give my flat this "boho vibe" by adding some dried flower. There is a lot of opportunities where to get them, there is for example a very good choice on Amazon! So if this crisis has only one good thing, it is for sure the fact that we all have time now to do the things we normally don't have so much time for... like re-decarting our homes... :)


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