October 14, 2019



I guess some of you guys already noticed in my latest blogpost that there happened some changes in my apartment... Right now I wanna talk about the new wallpapers I have installed in my living room - you were already able to see a sneak preview of it in my latest post. I so much had the desire to change something major in my flat and I was kinda bored and annoyed by the plain walls in my place, so I was looking for something special, a real eyecatcher! I was thinking about a stylish wallpaper in this very trendy banana leaf design. I had this idea for a long time in my head and now I wanted to finally put it into action. It was not easy to find the perfect wallpaper cause I really had a specific kind of style in mind. Luckily after some time of research I found this website called Photowall. They have such a huge choice of chic wallpapers it's really crazy and I found literally a million of different designs that I loved, so it was hard to decide. The cool thing is that they not only sell wallpapers but also a huge selection of different posters and canvas prints. But I wanted to follow my initial idea and decided to go for the banana leaf wallpaper, to be exact I ordered Botany Banana! The great thing about Photowall, that I appreciated a lot as well, was the fact that they show you a lot of inspiration pictures on the site, so you can have a clue of how your wallpaper will look when it's installed. This really helped me to imagine the result better and to make my final decision. But in case you are not sure if it is the one you really want to purchase, Photowall will give you the opportunity to purchase a trial piece for only 1€! When you made your decision you can choose in the next step the quality of your wallpaper - either standard or premium. Premium quality has a dull surface and is scratch-resistant so I decided to choose the premium quality... The delivery time was luckily very very quick, I only had to wait 2-3 days till my wallpaper arrived and I was ready to start. I have to admit that I actually never installed wallpapers by myself but luckily I had someone to help me with this. And in my opinion the result turned out amazing. I decided to only place the wallpaper on one side of my living room because I wanted to keep some space white in order to have a contrast and I didn't want to overload to whole scene... I totally adore the new look and I am thinking now about putting some more wallpapers in other designs in my sleeping room and maybe in the kitchen as well. I fell madly in love with the designer wallpapers from Emma Lindström! But I could also imagine the so called "Blush Clouds daydream" in my sleeping room! As you can see there is so much choice it's really hard to decide! :) I hope you like my new wallpaper as well and don't forget to take a lot at the amazing choice on Photowall.com - maybe you will find something nice as well... :) Happy Monday everyone! 


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