July 20, 2011

Bohemian dress means summer ♥

Normally I don’t wear maxi dresses, to be honest it is the first I bought for years. But I totally feel comfortable with it. The colours, the loose-fitting and not forgetting the frills…
We shooted in my parents' garden and after weeks without visiting my old cat, I met him again... But I think he is a little overweight. I guess my mom overfeeds him :)

July 18, 2011

Mesh dress in peach

I was so excited and impatient for the arrival... And here it is! A new item in my wardrobe.
The mesh dress from motel in a peach colour. (Or is it orange?) I had to buy a strapless bra cause it looks better without the straps. And the only matching one I found is a little to big for me... Too bad! And another reason why I love this dress is the collar. Normally I prefer peter pan collars because they look sort of kiddy and cute.
My advise for you: 2 things you shouldn't miss to own --> mesh dresses and dresses/tops with collar. Absolutely unique and staggering is the Alexander Wang mesh dress

July 17, 2011


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I feel so russian

I just feel so russian in this outfit. With that huge fur coat (Of course it is no real fur) I think I totally perpetuate the stereotype of a russian woman. :) To get on to the Outfit, I absolutely adore bandeau dresses. Especially because they underline the shoulders. And the bag...I bought it only a few days ago and I really can tell you I searched hell of a long time for such a handbag. Why? Chainbags are totaly gorgeous, and I idolize glossy bags like the one I bought now....
Stay tuned to see more looks

July 10, 2011

In the fields with Lorissa

Today I visited my cousin and we went for a walk in the fields near her flat. I wore one of my favourite dresses. I love it because it is so classy. And I wore my new Lorissa Pumps from Sam Edelman. They are covered with studs, love it! (But i had to take them of… I mean have you ever tried to walk in a field with high heels?  :)

July 6, 2011

My Purses

These are some of my purses. They are all after my fancy so it's hard to decide which one I
want to use. Currently I use the Paul's Boutique purse with the snakeskin (don't bother about this, it's no real snakeskin) On the inside it is kinda neon pink in a Lacquer material.
The venetian one is (of course) from Venice. I bought it there some years ago. It is covered with beatgold. The quilted one with the little metallic bow was purchased at Lake Garda in Italy. My cat tried to scratch it yet. :)
Which one is your favourite?

July 5, 2011

Unlock my heart//Lock my bag

Padlock oh Padlock bag, i really love you! There are so many different ones. Chloé, Paul's Boutique, Gabor, Hermes... Really hart to choose one. For my part, i can say that i really have an obsession for padlock bags. I think I'll buy a new within the next weeks :)
But I haven't decided yet which I'll choose. But there are some more padlock accessories you should not miss to look at. This is a really cute necklace from ASOS.
And the Hermes padlock watch is to die for.
Do you have any favourite items like these?

July 3, 2011

Pearl dress & Margarita love

Do you like Margaritas? Normally I do, but this cocktail was really... kinda weird. There was no sugar surrounding the glas, instead of sugar it was salt! It tasted disgusting, but I complained and got a new one with sugar:) What do I have to say to my outfit? Ballerinas are, without a doubt, the most comfortable shoes i can imagine. The dress is covered with golden pearls, but you have to be carefull cause they can easily fall off.
After a cocktail, some glasses of wine and Scalopine al vino bianco con patate fritte we went home and enjoyed a chimney fire on the terrace.
Have a nice day

July 2, 2011

Playing with my hair

What do you think about this outfit? I wear a beautiful Tenki dress with kinda pearl collar,
crystall flats and my Blumarine Bag. It's really one of my favourite bags.
These pictures were shot in Verona (Italy). After a short shopping trip and a grossly overpriced lunch we saw this stairs and took some photos there. Hope you like it