December 19, 2017



When I received the inquiry from Philips and the asked me if I wanted to cooperate with them and test the iconic DiamondClean Smart Toothbrush, I felt kinda honored and was of course also very interested in trying the product. I actually always used to brush my teeth with a "normal" toothbrush (Just remember that I used an electronic one a few times when I was a little kid) so I was really excited and curious what changed during all the years and how I'll manage this change now. Well, I know, that is not the typical kind of topic I'm posting here on the blog, but I was really curious to test this item and tell you about it, as tooth cleaning is a topic that concerns everyone... So here we go! :) I'll tell you my favorite advantages of using the DiamondClean Smart and what I love the most about my new toothbrush...
1) The Design. I know you might say it's not that much important, but I'm really in love with the design, I adore the golden details of the brush and the charging glass, it looks so classy and stylish and is for sure an eye catcher in every bathroom! Thumbs up for this beautiful design, which is also available in other colors as well!
2) Smart Charging. I remember when I was little and my parents got me an electronic toothbrush, it did not really look nice and had kinda big charging station... But the Diamond Clean toothbrush can easily be charged in the stylish charging glass, you just have to put the brush in it and that's it. You can even enjoy two weeks of regular using with only full charging once. If you're travelling you also have the possibility to use deluxe USB travel case for charging! Especially for people like me who travel a lot, that's definitely a very nice feature!
3) The connected App. You can download the Philips Sonicare App, it gives you tips on how to brush your teeth the best, set your personal brushing goals and supports you with informations aso. It is super easy to connect your toothbrush with the app, in my opinion that is one of the best features of the DiamondClean Smart, because the app helps so much, it's not only giving you tips how to better brush you teeth, it even telly you when you put on to much pressure while brushing... For me that was really helpful because I often used to brush to hard.
4) The Tongue Brush. Well, that might sound weird maybe, but brushing your tingue as well is actually super important! There is a lot of bacteria as well which can cause bad breath, so it is awesome that there is a tongue brush head coming with the DiamondClean. At the beginning it might feel a little "unusual" bad I got pretty fast used to it and felt more comfortable after doing it regular now...
5) Missed Spots. When you brush your teeth with a regular toothbrush, you have of course no clue if there are any missed spots you didn't reach correctly - Sadly! But the DiamondClean Brush has a pretty cool feature: Location sensors inside can track where you brushed already and where not and will show it to you in the app.
These are the top 5 features that made me a huge Fan of the DiamondClean Smart Toothbrush! Of course there are a lot more advantages, but it would fill tons of sites to tell you all about it, so just find out more on the Philips Sonicare Website it you want! For me one of the main reasons to switch to this toothbrush was the app, it is so helpful and brings you to a complete new level of oral hygiene. I think it is really worth to upgrade from a normal toothbrush to an electronic one, I definitely feel more comfortable now! :) And because it is christmas time, I have now the opportunity to give one lucky reader a brand new DiamondClean Smart Toothbrush! All you need to do is leave a comment here under this post with your email adress so that I can contact the winner. (Winner will be randomly chosen) Don't worry the comments with your email adress won't be published, in order to ensure your privacy! The giveaway is open until 26th of december 2017 12am CET - and everyone residing in the EU can participate. Good Luck guys! :)

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