December 13, 2012

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Fashion has always been expressed by cities. Like designers stating their brand name by the cities they are based in, and also how some cities get publicity because of fashion. For example Paris is famous because it’s the birthplace of fashion, Milan is well known for its streets full of designer shops and Berlin is known for its stylish streetwear and vintage shops. Blog and The City  brings the professional fashion bloggers from around the entire world into just one network. A cool thing about this site is that you don't have to create a bloglist there where you follow constantly the same blogs over and over again... They organize the bloggers by the cities they are based in and are always in search for new ones. They find it interesting to relate bloggers and cities together, since a city can be a determining factor for the bloggers possibilities.
So as you probably noticed the aim of this network is to show the best personal style bloggers related to the cities they are living in. BATC would like to highlight what values a certain city is giving them and how it carries them closer to the fashion world. They will accomplish this by inviting the bloggers to write a column subjecting these aspects. So what about you? Do you live in a big and well-known city? Do you have to travel a lot to go to press events? What is your favorite city? Share your thoughts with fashionlovers from all over the world and start your own column at BATC. Your column will be on the front page of the website and you will be featured in the slider, what will bring new visitors to your blog and make it more popular...what a great idea! If you are interested in writing a colum at BATC write an email at and of course don’t forget to visit their website and have a look at BATC’s facebook profile

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  1. seems like an awesome opportunity to network and learn about other bloggers around the world


  2. great post !!!
    thanks for sharing :p

    come check out my blog

  3. Congrats, awesome you were chosen! My favorite city is definitely London, I love British style!



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