July 3, 2011

Pearl dress & Margarita love

Do you like Margaritas? Normally I do, but this cocktail was really... kinda weird. There was no sugar surrounding the glas, instead of sugar it was salt! It tasted disgusting, but I complained and got a new one with sugar:) What do I have to say to my outfit? Ballerinas are, without a doubt, the most comfortable shoes i can imagine. The dress is covered with golden pearls, but you have to be carefull cause they can easily fall off.
After a cocktail, some glasses of wine and Scalopine al vino bianco con patate fritte we went home and enjoyed a chimney fire on the terrace.
Have a nice day


  1. I've just started to follow your blog, I found it from stylescrapbook. I like this post and your outfit, it looks confortable but chic. I'm from Mexico and the original margarita cocktail is prepared with salt and also red pepper surronding the glas (except by the strawberry one and peach which have sugar instead salt)But I understand people found it weird, but actually, there are some fruits in america that taste good with salt in cocktails like lemon margarita, it's not only a decorative thing, salt and red pepper enphasize tequila.
    So that barman seams really updated in mexican cocktails, that's cool, I live in France and here too all margaritas are with salt, I love it, that's makes me feel like home. :)
    You have a great style, congrats for your blog :)

  2. ah ok, I didn't know that :)
    Thank you for the lovely words, I would be happy if you would follow if you want to...